Where your money goes

For every $1 spent at a local business, 45 cents go back into the community Locally-owned businesses are more likely to support other local businesses, like local accountants, electricians, designers, and so forth. In other words, local businesses pay it forward to other local businesses (source). They’re also 250% more likely to support local nonprofits and community causes.

It's more than just shopping

Local businesses aren’t just the independent toy stores and restaurants. It’s also the nail and hair salons, home improvement, health care services, and credit unions that rely on local patronage.

What does "local" mean?

Local means independent and small. We’re not talking about national brands or franchises here, but the independent small business owner local to your community. These are your neighbors and friends, and because they’re local, they tend to use local accountants, electricians, and designers.

There are so many ways to spend

Shopping locally doesn’t just happen on main street. Small businesses have become adaptable to our online shopping habits. Many offer delivery and in-person pickup options as well as remote services, such as consulting or even fitness training.

Local businesses make your community special

Unique independent businesses play a vital role in maintaining a community’s distinct character. Local businesses carry more locally produced goods — making the community impact greater. Find the artisans that make your home unique.

The community ecosystem

We all enjoy the benefits of local shops and retailers. Just as we rely on them to provide goods and services, they also rely on us. Communities are ecosystems that need to be sustained to keep streets and storefronts vibrant.